Come, relive the
simple pleasures of life.
In a township with unique green zones.
A tropical urban paradise in Bangi, Serene Heights is surrounded by lush greenery and dedicated green zones that rekindle the fond memories of your childhood days. Relive the nostalgic experience at the breathtaking Creekside Parkland fringed by a winding jogging and bicycle track. Replay all those traditional games at the themed playzones amidst a tranquil and safe environment conducive for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Creekside Parkland
The main landscaped feature of Serene Heights.
The 25-acre Creekside Parkland is the largest green zone in Serene Heights, and features a winding 1.3 km long waterway, a 3.5 km long cycling and jogging track, and lush landscaped spaces. Imagine spending quality time with your loved ones here and where the community gathers in the cool breezy evenings for outdoor activities.

Dotted along Creekside Parkland, for you to explore, are the themed playzones and recreational parks, each with its unique character and features. Here is where the community can partake in traditional games while educating their children or simply enjoy watching kids in fun and laughter, amidst the soothing, lush surroundings.
Recreational Parks
Wish to take a break from your daily routine? Just hop over to any of the recreational parks to reconnect with nature, or with your mind and body.
  • Wellness Garden, with an outdoor gym and reflexology path.
  • Leisure Garden, equipped with a checkers game board placed within a gazebo; and is surrounded by cluster trees, as well as connected to the cycling and jogging track.
  • Serene Lakepark, featuring a children’s playground, gazebo and viewing deck that overlooks a lake with a fountain.
Themed Playzones
Remember the time when families, friends and neighbours engaged with one another through recreational games? Within Creekside Parkland, there are themed playzones which are inspired by traditional games that once filled our free time. Something children today miss out on and now have the chance to learn about.
  • Hopscotch Valley, hop, skip and laugh your cares away at our Giant Hopscotch and Lawn.
  • Takraw Park, featuring a dedicated sepak takraw court, 3 sepak takraw practice areas and a gazebo.
  • Gasing Land, which comes with an artistic top-spinning area and a gazebo.
  • Congkak Place, teach your children the joys of one of our heritage, the congkak, under the shade of a gazebo surrounded by greenery.
Tropika Boulevard
Walk down memory lane lined by tall shady trees.
Tranquil neighbourhoods in the old days were always about wide open spaces and tall shady trees. At Serene Heights, you will get to enjoy these qualities again. Tropika Boulevard is a 1 km long and 132 feet wide main access road that links every precinct with a network of feeder roads. Fringed by various species of shady trees, the Tropika Boulevard is landscaped with two separate layers of plantings that set the pedestrian pathway away from the vehicular traffic.

Street Of Blooms
Landscaped with 3 types of colourful petals.
A 1.4 km long and 100 feet wide perimeter road, the Street Of Blooms is a sight to behold, adding even more character to the township. Carefully selected trees and plantings aim to create a colourful palette that not only give a delightful sight when in bloom, but also create an interesting streetscape that enhances the uniqueness of Serene Heights.
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CNY Open House 2018
Dahlia Official Launch 2017
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Serene Heights Bangi
CNY Open House 2018
Dahlia Official Launch 2017
Camellia Show Unit Launching 2017
Serene Heights Bangi

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